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4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Small Business

A plumber in Fairview Heights, IL holding a heating and cooling device to use for furnace and air conditioning maintenance services.

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, known as HVAC, is the provider of comfortable climates in every corner of your small business here in Fairview Height, IL. HVAC repair can be a costly endeavor as air conditioning components are highly specialized pieces of machinery.

Following these four HVAC maintenance tips from our team of experts here at Morrison Plumbing will extend the service life of your system and avoid the need for frequent AC repairs.

Keep Your System Clean

The first and foremost step you can take in AC maintenance is by cleaning the supply and return vents regularly. A quick wipe down using a cleaning cloth and all-purpose cleaner will keep your vents looking new and your air free of debris.

Routinely cleaning your outdoor unit is just as important. Heavy winds and storms can launch all manner of leaves, branches, and twigs that fall inside and cause issues from clanging sounds to total blockage. The activity of monthly cleanings will even discourage birds and small mammals from nesting in your AC.

A professional HVAC technician inspecting and providing maintenance to a commercial air conditioning unit in Fairview Heights, IL.

Replacement Will Eventually Be Required

Every HVAC installation in Fairview Heights will have vents strategically placed throughout the building to facilitate proper airflow, otherwise, your air conditioning won’t be able to reach every room. To keep airborne particles from being spread throughout the system, it utilizes air filters to catch contaminants.

As these filters age and become clogged, cleaning will stop being effective which means it’s time to swap them out. Having a team of experts that spans multiple disciplines means understanding every aspect of comfortable space. Our plumbers often run into the need for drain cleaning when contaminants are still a problem after HVAC cleaning. Plumbing and HVAC are the two biggest parts of indoor environment regulation, keeping odors and climate how they should be.

Don’t Ignore Strange Sounds and Smells

If you’ve noticed that your HVAC system isn’t operating as well as it did before, there are signs of a failing system that can be found without the need for a service appointment. Knocking sounds can indicate that a piece of machinery has either broken or come loose, often resulting in further damages to the AC installation. If damage does occur, Morrison Plumbing is ready to tackle the job.

Foul odors can have multiple sources. Heating elements within an HVAC system can develop gas leaks that produce a smell of rotten eggs and needs immediate attention. Electrical components that burn out will also produce an acrid scent and can end up as a total system failure.

A plumbing technician in Fairview Heights, IL inspecting the air ducts of a small business that has been making odd sounds and needing repair.

Keep Your HVAC Unit Clean

The purpose of your HVAC system from Morrison Plumbing is to make sure the indoor environment is more hospitable than the outside. As such, many business owners forget about the outdoor unit that tackles a large portion of climate control. Making sure that these AC units aren’t covered in leaves, trash, or other structures will allow them to function properly and with no extra resistance.

While Fairview Heights enjoys lovely weather for the majority of the year, it’s always important to make sure customers are as comfortable as possible when they step inside. Reach out today to take the first step towards a small business that employees and customers alike are happy to visit.

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