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What to Expect During a Drain Cleaning Service

A plumber using a wrench to remove a pipe from a bathroom or kitchen sink in Caseyville, IL for inspection during a drain cleaning service.


A plumber using a wrench to remove a pipe from a bathroom or kitchen sink in Caseyville, IL for inspection during a drain cleaning service.

Is your plumbing system clogged? Have you been noticing a foul odor coming from your kitchen or bathroom sinks? These are common signs that your home requires a drain cleaning service. At Morrison Plumbing, we specialize in general, and emergency drain cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in Caseyville, IL. Investing in a yearly drain cleaning service ensure the health and safety of your home and family. Keep reading our blog to know what to expect during our drain cleaning visit.

The Service Call

The initial call of schedule a drain cleaning service is where our team will get detailed notes of the plumbing issues you’re experiencing. During this call, our office manager will inform you of any available times and dates our plumbers aren’t scheduled and what you can do in the event that you’re experiencing an emergency. Morrison Plumbing will inform you of the solutions we will take to clear your drainage system and exactly what you can expect when we arrive on your property. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that our services will not disrupt the flow of their home.

Preparing for the Work

Once our plumbers arrive on your property, we like to inform customers that, oftentimes, drain cleaning can be messy depending on the severity of the clog. Morrison Plumbing professionals will anticipate any messes that may be made by wearing protective gear, shoe coverings, masks, and laying down sanitary plastic to collect any debris that may come from your drain and onto the floor. Customers can prep their home by making sure any table or wall decorations are removed, and there is clear access to the faulty drain.

A plumber in Caseyville, IL wearing blue shoe coverings for a residential drain cleaning service from Morrison Plumbing.

Cleaning Your Drains

During the drain cleaning process, there are three possible methods our plumbers may use to clear your pipes. The most common is hydro jetting, which uses high pressured water and a hose to push the clog through your drainage system. Another standard method is the use of a commercial drain snake. This long wire with dozens of teeth collects any hair or debris that may be clogging your drain and remove it without the need for invasive services. The final option is to remove a part of your drainage system in the exact location of the clog and replace the pipe if cracked or damaged. To get expert drain cleaning services, contact Morrison Plumbing in Caseyville, IL.

Checking Their Work

The final step of the drain cleaning process is to check the work to make sure the drains are operating efficiently. At Morrison Plumbing, our team prides ourselves on taking further measures to test your plumbing system after a drain cleaning service. If a separate plumbing issue is found or the clog did not dissipate, our plumbers will stay until the issue is resolved. Contact our team today at (618) 408-1716 to schedule a drain cleaning and inspection service for your home in Caseyville, IL.

A plumber checking the drains in a residential kitchen after completing a drain cleaning and rooter service in Caseyville, IL.

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