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Geothermal Systems VS. Traditional HVAC

A digital image of a geothermal heating system installed underground on a residential property in Caseyville, IL.

Morrison Plumbing is one of the leading experts in HVAC for Caseyville, IL residents and the surrounding communities. If you’re looking for a modern approach to heating and cooling systems, we offer geothermal heat pump and in-ground loop installation for residential homes. But what exactly is the difference between a geothermal system and a standard HVAC unit? Keep reading our blog to learn more, and don’t forget to give us a call at (618) 248-4453 to receive a free estimate on our geothermal and HVAC services.

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

While both energy sources produce similar results for your home, they are vastly different in price, energy efficiency, longevity, and overall use. A typical furnace or air conditioning system uses air to heat and cool your home, while a geothermal system uses the natural temperature from the Earth to generate comfortable temperatures year-round. It may not sound like much but choosing a geothermal system can easily save you thousands of dollars over time while eliminating the need for large, space-consuming units. Get in touch with our Morrison Plumbing experts to discuss geothermal options that are best for your home.


What deters many homeowners away from investing in a geothermal heating and cooling system is the initial installation price. While the cost of excavating your land and installing this HVAC system can be high, there are far more savings that you will experience monthly than by sticking with your traditional furnace and AC units. Operating a geothermal unit year-round has been proven to be less expensive than a traditional system due to higher efficiency and natural heating processes. With standard furnaces and air conditioning units, you’ll pay thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance in just a few years versus having consistently low energy bills using a geothermal system. Contact Morrison Plumbing to learn more about our geothermal installation services.

An electric bill on a wooden table with one-hundred-dollar bills and an electrical cable to signify the pricing of an energy bill in Caseyville, IL.

Environmentally Friendly

A huge importance to homeowners in Caseyville, IL, is their heating and cooling system’s energy efficiency. With global warming on the rise, it’s important to do your part by being proactive in which systems you install in your home. Traditional air conditioning and furnace units use excessive energy and require consistent part production for repairs throughout their lifespan. With geothermal heating and cooling systems, it uses energy from the Earth to generate comfortable temperatures for your home without needing anything other than a standard electric power source. Save money on your utility bill while being environmentally friendly when you choose Morrison Plumbing in Caseyville, IL for geothermal installation services.


The lifespan of a typical furnace or AC unit is around 13 years with excellent maintenance. If you’re less inclined to dedicate time for repairs and upkeep services, then you’re looking at n average of 5-10 years before you need to have your system replaced. Geothermal HVAC units rarely need maintenance and are guaranteed to last anywhere from 25-100 years, depending on the system installed. Geothermal heat pumps last well over two decades, and in-ground loop systems will utilize the Earth for heating and cooling energy for well over 100 years. Stop spending money on traditional HVAC systems and invest in geothermal technology for your Caseyville, IL property when you choose Morrison Plumbing.


A geothermal heating system installed next to a boiler in a residential basement in Caseyville, IL that requires professional repair and maintenance.

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