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Choosing the Right Heating Contractor for Your Furnace

A heating contractor in Caseyville, IL that is inspecting a residential furnace for a scheduled maintenance and repair service.


Morrison Plumbing is the leading expert in heating and HVAC services in the Caseyville, IL area. With decades of industry experience, we are confident in our expertise to share the top things a homeowner should look for when choosing a heating contractor. There are several things to be considered from free estimates to previous customer testimonials, either way, we’re here to help make your decision that much easier. Keep reading below to learn more, and call Morrison Plumbing if you want us for your heating repair or maintenance services.

Ask for Heating Contractor Referrals

If there aren’t many reviews on Google or social media, don’t give up just yet on your prospective heating contractor. Ask those you trust most for a personal referral! Chances are if you’re looking at a local contractor to repair your furnace, someone you know has heard good – or not so good – things about the contractor you’re looking to hire. These referrals are usually from those that have worked directly with the contractor and know just how well they conduct business. Morrison Plumbing is Caseyville, IL’s number one heating contractor – just ask around!


Ask for HVAC Contractor’s Certifications

Your HVAC systems are the most important pieces of technology in your home. They control the comfortability of your family and heavily impact your monthly utility bills. When searching for a heating contractor, it’s important to invest in a company that has your best interest at heart. At Morrison Plumbing, we make sure we’re the best choice for your home by requiring our team to have up-to-date certifications and training on common repairs for all system makes and models. Contact our Caseyville, IL team to see proof of our certifications before completing any repair jobs.

A smiling HVAC technician in Caseyville, IL that is holding a clipboard and inspecting a residential furnace for a maintenance services.


Get an Estimate

Estimates are the first things customers ask for when looking for an HVAC contractor. Let’s face it, price has everything to do with whether or not you choose a company for your repair or maintenance service. At Morrison Plumbing, we are very transparent on our prices and offer free estimates to each one of our clients, so they know exactly what they’re getting and for how much before we service their home. We recommend reaching out to multiple companies for estimates on the same service before making a final decision to see which price is best for your budget,

Ask for a Home Evaluation

Before you settle on a heating contractor, it’s important to make sure the company you hire sends a technician to inspect your property first. Without a proper home evaluation, it’s impossible to tell just how serious a repair is without a thorough examination from a certified HVAC technician. At Morrison Plumbing, we specialize in heating repair, maintenance, and installation services when your furnace stops working properly. We always give our clients a complementary home evaluation to make sure we discover the cause of your heating inefficiency. Schedule a service by calling out team at (618) 247-5979.

An HVAC technician in a white shirt and blue hat holding a clipboard. The HVAC tech is looking into a wall air conditioning unit for a maintenance service in Caseyville, IL.

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