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What to Do When Your Water Heater Leaks

A residential water heater in Caseyville, IL that is leaking from the base of the unit due to a faulty part that needs professional repairs from a plumber.


Water heaters are an extremely necessary appliance in your home; not only does it control your ability to have clean, filtered water, but it gives you access to large water supplies for all types of daily chores. When you notice a leak coming from the top or bottom of your water heater, it’s important to know exactly what to do to prevent any more damage from occurring. Morrison Plumbing is one of the leading experts in Caseyville, IL that offers water heater repair and replacement services, and are here to help you get control of your water heater when emergencies arise. Keep reading to find immediate steps you can take to restore a leaking water heater. 

Turn Off the Water Supply

The first thing you should do after spotting a leak coming from your water heater is to turn off the water supply. This is essential to stopping any major leak and pressure buildup in your tank that could result in serious repairs and water damage. Located on your water heater, you’ll notice two pipes, one that is warm to the touch, and another that is cold. Follow the cold pipe and shut off the valve to prevent any water from entering your water heater. If you’re unable to find the water supply valve and are experiencing an emergency, locate your home’s main shut-off valve and turn that off temporarily until our plumbers arrive. Contact Morrison Plumbing for your water heater emergency in Jacksonville, IL.

Turn Off the Power 

After turning off your water supply, it’s important to also turn off the power supply to your water heater to avoid any damage to you and your system if a leak is present. To turn off a gas water heater, locate the valve on the gas supply (usually within a few feet of your water heater) and turn the valve clockwise until it stops. This should shut the gas supply off to your water heater so that any leaks do not emit hazardous gas.

For electric water heaters, go to your home’s breaker panel and locate the switch for the water heater. Once the breaker is flipped to off, your water heater will no longer have power and be able to be treated by your local plumber. After this step, be sure to contact Morrison Plumbing in Caseyville, IL to examine your water heater leak.

A homeowner turning off the electric power to a water heater in Caseyville, IL to prevent a water leak from spreading.

Check the Cold Inlet & Hot Water Outlet

If your water heater is leaking from the top of the tank, chances are the source of the issue is the water supply valve, cold water inlet, or hot water outlet. To determine if either of these pipes are the cause of your leak, follow the connections to see if any fittings are loose or there is moisture on the surface. If so, you’re already a step ahead in the repair process. While we never recommend fixing your own water heater leaks, Morrison Plumbing encourages homeowners to be familiar where leaks can happen so that our plumbers know what to fix when we get there. If you notice issues with your cold or hot water valves, give us a call right away to have these parts replaced and reduce water damage in your home.

Schedule an Emergency Plumber 

Morrison Plumbing in Caseyville, IL is the #1 choice when homeowners need an emergency plumber for their water heater. Believe it or not, leaking water heaters are one of the most common causes for hiring a plumber in the Midwest. When left unmaintained, gas and electric water heaters can acquire loose gaskets, damaged drain valves, and corrosion inside of the tank, creaking cracks that lead to a leak. With decades of experience and continuous training on innovative tools and plumbing systems, you can rely on our technicians when your water heater needs repairs. Contact us at (618) 408-1446 to schedule an emergency plumbing service or request a free estimate on your water heater repair.

A certified plumber wearing a blue uniform that is adjusting the temperature gauge of a gas water heater in Caseyville, IL.



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