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Signs Your Home Needs an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your electrical panel, also known as the “breaker box,” is a critical component of your home because it is responsible for keeping your HVAC system running, your lights turned on, and your water hot. The electrical panel powers everything in your home that uses electricity.

The power in your home is critical to your safety and the safety of your home. When considering an electrical panel upgrade, you should hire a contractor who performs all types of electrical services to ensure that your connections provide reliable and adequate power to your home. Trust our qualified electricians at Morrison Plumbing and we can advise you when it’s time to service or upgrade your electrical panel.

Here are some things to think about and signs that it’s time to upgrade your home’s electrical panel!

Your Home Has a Fuse Box

Most older homes have fuse boxes. A fuse box and an electrical panel appear very different. A fuse box, as opposed to an electrical panel, has circular fuses connected to each circuit.

If your home has a fuse box, it is time to contact a licensed and certified electrician for assistance with an electrical panel replacement. You want to keep your house up to code, but there is no fuse box in any home in the country that meets minimum requirements.

Maintaining compliance with electrical codes ensures your home’s safety and immediately increases its value.

Strange Noises from Your Breaker Box

A slight “buzzing” sound from your breaker box is normal and considered safe. However, any “popping” or “crackling” coming from the breaker box should be noted and reported. These sounds may indicate arcing within the breaker and should be addressed as soon as possible by a qualified electrician.

Our experts at Morrison Plumbing will diagnose the problem and, if necessary, recommend an electrical panel upgrade. Your family’s safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we know you want to ensure everything is in working order, regardless of the solution. You can’t put a price on the safety of your home and your loved ones.

Breakers Keep Tripping Repeatedly
Breakers can trip for a variety of reasons, such as issues with your home’s electrical panel, faulty wiring, or a faulty breaker. After you’ve exhausted all simple fixes, and especially if you notice burn marks or rust on the breaker, it is likely time to replace the electrical panel and invest in an upgrade. Morrison Plumbing is always available to our valued customers to provide whatever services they need to keep their homes safe.

Burning Smell Coming from the Breaker Box
A burning odor is never a good sign with anything electrical. It could be a sign of serious and dangerous problems with the breaker box and your entire electrical system. If you smell burning coming from your breaker box, contact a reputable contractor for a safe and timely inspection. A burning odor coming from the breaker box could indicate melted wires and scorch marks, which are another significant concern.

Melted Wires or Scorch Marks

A burning odor indicates heat, and heat indicates melting and scorching. Heat from faulty breakers or old electrical wiring can melt the shielding on the wiring. Exposed wires have the potential to scorch the metal and plastic inside the breaker box. These conditions can easily cause the electricity to arc, resulting in the start of a fire. As a homeowner, you want to avoid an accidental fire in your home at all costs, so be on the lookout for the following:

  • Burns or scorching on the breaker
  • Burns or scorching on the electrical panel
  • Melted insulation or burns on wires

Our electricians are trained to work safely and effectively to resolve these issues and restore your panel’s functionality. Call our team today at (618) 408-1597.

Your Home is More Than 20 Years Old

While having an older home may not necessitate an electrical panel upgrade if you have improved your current device, having an electrician inspect it is still a good idea.

These inspections ensure that your electrical system is up to code and will reveal what (if any) improvements are needed, especially if you are planning a remodel or installing new appliances. For an electrical safety inspection, contact our experts.

Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

While adding safety and modernity to your home are obvious reasons to upgrade your electrical panel, other advantages of an electrical panel upgrade help add value to your home.

  • Safety—Upgrading your electrical hardware reduces the risk of fire and electrical shock in your home.
  • Increased Power—Having a new electrical panel that can handle your power needs increases the value of your property and the sell-ability of your home. It is important to plan for the future and ensure all of your power needs are met for whatever your home requires!
  • Improves the energy efficiency of your home—When compared to an electrical panel upgrade, older electrical panels consume more energy. Less energy consumption directly translates to more money in your pocket over time.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs—Electrical maintenance ensures that you will pay less for repairs and replacements in the future. An upgrade to your home’s electrical panel will reduce the amount of maintenance required and the cost of repairs.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums—A home with an up-to-date electrical panel and system that meets electrical code can reduce the amount you pay in homeowner’s insurance premiums. The increased safety of your home as a result of an electrical panel upgrade will have a direct impact on liability.

Contact Morrison Plumbing for Electrical Panel Upgrades

It can be difficult to determine when it is time to upgrade your electrical panel. Electricians are dedicated to keeping your home safe. If you have any doubts about the safety of your home’s electrical system, don’t try to figure it out on your own. Instead, have your current home electrical panel inspected and get a professional opinion and recommendation.

You must be confident that your home is secure and that the electrical system is up to code. When you call Morrison Plumbing for an electrical panel upgrade, we will be ready to assist you. We keep our electricians up to date on the latest industry advancements, improvements, and technologies. This allows us to provide you and your home with the best service possible!

Contact our expert team and make an appointment with Morrison Plumbing in Maryville, IL, today. Allow us to assist you at every stage of your electrical panel upgrade.




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