Furnace Repair & Maintenance in The Metro East

We Keep Your System in Optimal Condition

When your furnace begins to show signs of failure, or its been awhile since your last maintenance service, contact Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air today. Our regular furnace maintenance helps ensure your system is working properly and ready for the winter. 

We have been the experts to trust for over 30 years for your furnace repair and maintenance in Belleville, Illinois. We are known for our fast response times, affordable service, and friendly customer service. It doesn’t matter the age of your furnace or the type, you can trust our experts for service.

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Common Furnace Issues We Can Repair

Furnace is making strange noises. There isn’t a furnace that is completely silent, but you should be able to determine when your furnace makes unusual noises. Generally, these sounds are bangs or whining, which is a sign that your furnace is having problems with lighting or has a loose belt. If the noises are becoming routine, schedule professional service.

Thermostat issues. Almost every homeowner turns to the thermostat the moment they realize their home’s heating isn’t working. They raise the temperature hoping that will fix the problem. Even setting it at its highest temperature doesn’t guarantee a solution. You will have to call in an expert to provide an inspection.

Changes in the pilot light. If you schedule an inspection and the diagnosis is a yellow pilot light, that means carbon monoxide. This problem needs to be resolved immediately due to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide being deadly.

Unit won’t stay on. If your furnace won’t stay on or it takes longer than normal to start, it could be due to faulty wiring or a bad ignition. Like most problems, a furnace that has problems staying on will worsen over time. Trust our experts for fast and effective furnace repair in the Belleville area.

Unexpected heating bill increases. It isn’t uncommon for your energy bills to be more expensive in the winter. However, if your heating bills are unusually higher than previous winters, your furnace may be overworking itself which is causing the rise in price. In addition to risking a furnace breakdown, having it serviced will also lower your monthly heating bill.

Comprehensive Furnace Inspections

What We Look for During Inspections:

Igniter – This component of your furnace system is what turns the furnace on and starts the process of heating the air for your home. Igniters themselves are not expensive, making the total cost manageable when you add in labor fees – you won’t be changing your own igniter.

The Heat Exchanger – The heat exchanger is responsible for transferring the heat created in the heating coils to the hair before being distributed throughout the home. Repairs for this part can be pricey, and a complete replacement of the part could cost some serious coin. This repair may have you thinking about furnace replacement.

Blower – This part of your furnace distributes the warm air created by your furnace by blowing it through the ventilation system. This repair also qualifies as manageable. A simple google search for the part returns options that range from about $100 to about $300 – add in labor, and this isn’t a deal-breaking fix, either.

Flame Sensor/Thermocouple – Both of these devices are used for precautionary purposes, and they ensure that gas or oil valves are only open when they need to be. A faulty flame sensor or thermocouple may cause a gas leak. However, the part is inexpensive, and the repair should be quick if you call a qualified HVAC technician.

If you are regularly having to schedule repairs or your furnace is older, you may want to consider furnace replacement. It might be a more expensive upfront cost, but over the long-term is could save you money. Additionally, our regular furnace maintenance will ensure your new furnace is reaching its optimal performance.

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furnace repairs and maintenance belleville il

Is Furnace Maintenance Worth It?

The short answer is yes. Furnace maintenance enables you to stay comfortable all year round and saves you money by avoiding costly repairs. It is important to have your furnace annually serviced to ensure there are no problems with it and it is ready to perform for you during the winter. Furnace maintenance leaves the responsibility on the professionals that way you don’t have to worry.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance:
  • Ensure your furnace gets regular tune-ups
  • Saves money by avoiding costly repairs
  • Easier time with manufacturer warranties
  • Stay comfortable during the colder weather

At Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air, we provide furnace maintenance in Belleville that helps keep you comfortable year-round. Our Morrison Comfort Care Club allows you to choose two maintenance services a year. Learn more by contacting our team!