Heater Installation & Replacement in The Metro East

Cost-effective Solutions for Your Heater Replacement

Your home’s heating system is responsible for keeping you comfortable and warm during the freezing winter. Most heaters are designed to last for 20 years, however, if used more frequently, your heater may reach the end of its life before that. At Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air, we have certified technicians that can handle your heater installation and replacement service. We also have the knowledge to inform you on whether it would be more cost-effective to repair or replace your heating system.

It May Be Time to Replace Your Heater if…
  • Your home is constantly humid
  • Pilot light is yellow instead of blue
  • The smell of rotten eggs
  • Heater is making loud and unusual noises
  • Energy bills increase
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heater installation belleville il

Things to Consider When Replacing a Heater

When the time to replace your worn out or inefficient heater, there are a lot of options to choose from which can make the decision difficult. We have technicians that will listen to your needs and offer you a range of options that fit your budget. With over 30 years in the industry, we have experience working will all major brands and models. Important things to consider when replacing your heater include:

Call Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air if You Notice:
  • Appropriate sizing
  • Budget
  • Any incentives or rebates
  • System type
  • Fuel source
  • Warranty coverage

Contact Our Heater Experts in Belleville

Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air understand the inconvenience and stress that goes along with a failing heater. Replacing a heater is no minor task, but our experts do what they can do make the process as easy and smooth as possible. We’ve helped thousands of customers make the right decision about their heater and we’d love to help you too. For more information, contact our professional heating technicians regarding your heater installation or heater replacement.

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