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Increasing the HVAC system efficiency at your Swansea, IL Home

Ways to maintain a more efficient HVAC systemfurnace filters swansea il

Increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system can reduce the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling your home. When your HVAC system is running efficiently, it should be able to bring your home to a comfortable temperature without using an excessive amount of energy. Here are four things you can do to increase HVAC efficiency in Swansea, IL.

  1. Clean the Air Filter

Dirty air filters can have a significant negative impact on HVAC system efficiency. Clogged filters restrict the airflow of your HVAC system, making it less energy efficient. Remove the filters regularly and clean them to remove any dust that has built up on them. Also, many systems utilize disposable filters – check with an HVAC contractor to ensure you use the right ones!

  1. Check the Ductwork/Ventilation System

Leaking air ducts can be a major source of inefficiency in an HVAC system. If the ducts that transport cold or warm air around your home develop leaks, the system will leak air, which makes your system work harder. Regular HVAC inspections by professionals should help you keep leakage under control.

  1. Add More Home Insulation

    HVAC system efficiency swansea il

Investing in insulation can make your home more energy efficient. Insulation reduces heat transfer between the inside of your home and the outdoor environment, which means your HVAC system won’t need to run as much to keep a consistent temperature. Fill your attic and crawlspaces with insulation, seal drafts around your doors and windows, and think about glazing for windows.

  1. Improve HVAC System Airflow

If the vents of your HVAC system are blocked or hidden, the system must work harder to maintain the temp. Move furniture to allow best airflow from air vents and registers.

These simple tips can help you increase HVAC system efficiency. If you live in Swansea, IL and have questions about your system, feel free to contact us.


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