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Why is the Dishwasher at My Fairview Heights, IL Home Full of Water?

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Your home’s dishwasher is one of its biggest unsung heroes, and you probably don’t consider how much time it saves you every day; that is, until it stops working properly. One of the most common problems that occur with dishwashers is standing water in its base after it completes a wash cycle. Clearly; this isn’t a problem to ignore. Not only can it result in flooding, but that water quickly becomes smelly and highly unsanitary. Here are a few possible problems that may result in your dishwasher being full of water.

The Drainage System Within the Dishwasher is Clogged

More often than not, if your dishwasher has standing water in it, then the drainage system within the appliance itself is clogged with food debris. To address the problem, first get out as much water as you possibly can. Then, remove the bottom sprayer arm and the screen. If the screen is dirty, take a few minutes to clean it. In some cases, this may be all it takes to get the water draining properly once more. While your dishwasher is disassembled, however, you may wish to take a thin metal snake and use it to clear out any debris from the drainage area.

dishwasher repair fairview heights ilWhat If There Is Still Water after an Empty Cycle?

If clearing the internal draining system doesn’t take care of the problem, then there is likely a clog somewhere deeper in the plumbing that connects your dishwasher to the primary drain in your kitchen. The most common culprit is the garbage disposal. Even if you don’t use your garbage disposal, eating and cooking utensils, food, and other foreign objects can fall in and cause a blockage. If you have a garbage disposal, turn it on. If it is noisy or doesn’t turn on at all, then this is probably where the problem lies. Ensure that the power to the unit is cut off, then use a flashlight to locate any foreign objects. If possible, remove the blockage, turn the power back on to the unit, and see if it functions properly.

When to Call the Professionals

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to locate the blockage yourself, then it’s time to call in the professionals. At Morrison Plumbing, our plumbers have specialized tools and training that allows them to get the water in your dishwasher moving once again. If you’re in the Fairview Heights, IL area, then call us today to schedule your service visit.


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