Gas Line Services in the Metro East

We Help Protect Your Home From Gas Leaks

Natural gas is a common fuel that is used for appliances like heating systems and water heaters. Natural gas in its form that is provided by gas companies is deemed to be safe. However, gas leaks are still a possibility. If your home uses natural gas, it is important to know the symptoms of what to look for and what to do when you notice the signs of a gas leak.

Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air provides reliable gas leak detection and gas line repair services in the Metro East. Gas leaks are considered emergencies and we have plumbing specialists that are trained in locating and repairing gas leaks in a timely manner.

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Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Gas lines are typically built to last for years; however, they are still susceptible to corrosion or rust. At some point, you will probably have to have your gas lines repaired or replaced. The best way to ensure you and your family’s safety is by being able to quickly identify the signs you have a gas leak.

Call for Immediate Help if You Notice Any of the Following:
  • Strange Smells; Rotten Eggs or Sulfur
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off
  • Gas Appliances Making A Hissing Noise
  • Damp Soil With Bubbles Outside
  • Dead or Dying Vegetation Around Your Gas Line

Professional Residential Gas Line Services

Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air is known for its professionalism and friendly customer service. We serve our customers with top-rated service and affordable prices for all your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. When you call us for a gas leak repair, we will show up as soon as we can. 

You can rely on our company to treat you with kindness and your home with the respect it deserves as we try to locate the source of the leak. Additionally, we also offer gas line installations or hook-ups for homeowners wanting to transition to gas fuel.

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