Repiping Services in The Metro East

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Plumbing systems aren’t going to last forever and when it is time for repiping, this is a job that should be left to the professionals. Although plumbing pipes aren’t meant to last forever, we can help them last longer with our repiping service. It’s a permanent solution for defective piping that’s older. We can repair your pipes without having to destroy your home.
If your home or building is over 20 years old, there’s a higher probability that the water pipes are made of a galvanized pipe material. These galvanized pipes will start to deteriorate as time passes and will probably require a copper repipe to offset the damage, wear, and material corrosion of your existing pipes.

Corroded pipes in the home can cause an alarming loss of water quality and may even pose health concerns. A copper repipe is the removal or bypass of existing plumbing pipes, replaced by brand new copper pipes. The copper used is among the finest quality available and guaranteed for life.

A repipe is necessary when:

  • Your pipes have deteriorated
  • You have mineral deposits in the pipes
  • There are lead pipes in older homes
  • There are polybutylene pipes in older buildings
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Will the Cost of a Repipe Break the Bank Account?

Repiping costs depend on the size of your home and its plumbing system. Cast iron pipes will last for many years but they will eventually rust out from the inside out. The use of caustic chemicals to open clogs can accelerate the process. A repipe may be the answer. Just because your pipes are old doesn’t mean they need to be dug up.

We work on many older homes with cast iron pipes. We never suggest that they get changed just because they are cast iron. We highly recommend that they are cleaned out annually to remove built-up crud as we have seen 3″ pipes that have not been maintained to have only 1″ of effective drainage due to buildup.

If your pipes are rusting through or are cracked and leaking, it would be wise to change them out. If they are rusted through in some areas, the rest is sure to follow. It will cost more, in the long run, to keep patching them until they totally fail.

In order to have clean and fresh water which will improve your metabolism and digestive system, then call Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air. You need clean water for drinking and cleaning purposes as well as for maintaining your health. If you are in the market for any repiping services in the Metro East, then let Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air handle it.