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Tips on water purification for Columbia, IL

water purification columbia ilDetermining which water purification method to use depends on the contaminants found in your home’s water supply. Many residents of Columbia, IL use city water for cooking even if they prefer to drink bottled water. However, what if you enjoyed the flavor of the water from your tap, and felt comfortable drinking it? Morrison Plumbing can install water softeners and water purifiers, including charcoal water filters, which can successfully remove contaminants from the drinking water in your home.



Where’s water coming from?

The primary source for drinking water in Columbia, IL is from the Mississippi River. The levels of contaminants vary due to excessive runoff, industrial activities, and agriculture Cities use treatment facilities, which make water safe for drinking and household use. However, these plants may contain contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride and more. Organic and inorganic contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, organic chemicals, and radioactive contaminants are often found in source water used by municipalities.

The water in Columbia, IL has been treated to remove most contaminants and is generally considered safe to drink. However, water purification methods used may leave an undesirable aftertaste and high levels of contaminants that barely pass standards.

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What water purification methods are available?

The professionals at Morrison Plumbing can install a water purification system that successfully treats your drinking water. We can test your water to determine which system will best meet your needs. Most homes will benefit from charcoal water filters to kill any remaining bacteria, chlorine, and other organic and inorganic materials. Used for centuries, charcoal filters prove effective at treating water.

Other water purification options include reverse osmosis, distillation, and ozone. However, other options prove expensive to install and maintain. These may not be worth the money for residential consumers.

When should I call Morrison?

If you notice hard water spots on bathroom fixtures, stainless steel sinks, and have difficulty cleaning shower doors, hard water may be to blame. Some use water softeners with a water purification system for maximum effectiveness. Unlike traditional water softeners, magnetic type softeners do not add sodium to the water, while removing silt, clay, and chlorine from the water used in your home. Silkier hair may be an added benefit, as soft water helps remove soap buildup.


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