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A pink piggy bank holding a green write for electrical appliances like furnaces and air conditioning units to signify expensive energy bills in Belleville, IL.
Saving Money on Heating and Cooling in Belleville, Illinois

The average US household spends as much as $1,500 per year on electricity, but averages have a way of masking true expenses. For instance, a family household in Belleville, Illinois is likely to have a higher winter electric bill than an apartment in someplace with mild weather. Since heating and cooling often represent half of

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A residential homeowner in Belleville, IL holding his nose due to a foul burning smell coming from the furnace.
Is a Burning Smell Normal When I Turn on the Heat?

If you’ve just turned on the heat for the first time this season and noticed a burning smell, you might be concerned that something is wrong with your furnace. Before you call a furnace repair service, such as Morrison Plumbing in Belleville, IL, you should note that there are several types of burning smells that

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Top 10 Furnace Safety Tips for Your Home This Winter

As a Belleville, IL homeowner, our team at Morrison Plumbing knows the importance of practicing furnace safety during the winter. Here are 10 tips to help you and your home stay safe when getting your furnace ready for cold weather. 1. Keep Snow Away Snow isn’t uncommon in Belleville, IL, so make sure you’re keeping

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A professional plumber wearing a black glove and removing a clog from a kitchen drain in Belleville, IL.
How to Know When Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned

Drains that need to be cleaned provide several warning signs before they become completely blocked. If you notice any of the following signs of clogged drains, contact a local plumbing service, such as Morrison Plumbing in Belleville, IL, to schedule a drain cleaning service. Slow Draining Drains that need to be cleaned gradually start to […]

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