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You May Need Sewer Line Repairs & Not Know It

Your sewer lines may need to be repaired or replaced without you even knowing it. Since sewer lines are underground or out of sight under the foundation or within walls, problems can be hidden.

Damage to your sewer line is a serious issue that needs to be resolved right away because it involves contaminated waste. It isn’t uncommon for plumbers like ours at Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air to be called for sewer line repairs that should have been done years ago. So we thought we’d give you some information on warning signs so you recognize when you may need sewer line repairs.Belleville Illinois Sewer Line Repairs

Our team of expert plumbers provides high-quality plumbing services in Belleville, IL, and surrounding areas. We can arrive promptly to resolve the problem for you, helping you avoid potential health problems that can result from leaking sewage.

What Goes Wrong with Sewer Lines?

We have often performed sewer repairs for a wide range of problems that can occur including:

Cracked or broken pipes, which can happen when soil shifts, becomes frozen or erodes.

Blockage. Foreign objects, or even the buildup of greasy substances over time, can block your sewer lines and obstruct proper water flow.

Bellied pipes. When a section of your sewer pipe sinks down too far into the ground, it creates a repository of built-up paper and waste that obstructs proper flow.

Leaking joints. When the seals between pipe sections break, water can leak out into the soil and cause further damage.

Roots in the sewer line. Tree roots can often grow such that they eventually invade, obstruct, or damage sewer lines.

Substandard piping can easily leak or break, and generally needs to be replaced.

Age. Sewer lines degrade over time, with some pipes more quickly due to the materials they are made of. Generally speaking, they should be inspected for replacement if they are 40 years old.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs

Our Belleville plumbers have the knowledge and training to identify what’s gone wrong, and to figure out the best way to approach sewer repairs.

With options like video sewer line inspections and minimally invasive trenchless sewer line repair techniques, we strive to fix the problem with minimal damage to your property. If you suspect a leak or blockage in your sewer lines, don’t wait too long, or you’ll end up with even more damage.

If you have questions or need Sewer Line Repairs or Video Inspection in Belleville, please call (618) 408-1446 or complete our online request form.

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