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What’s Included in My Fairview Heights, IL Furnace Tune-Up?

Get a Furnace Tune-Up to make it through a Fairview Heights Winter

furnace tune-up Fairview Heights Illinois

 In Fairview Heights, IL, and throughout the Metro East, people count on their furnaces to combat blustery winter weather throughout the cold months. Additionally, they count on their local heating contractors to ensure the health of their heating systems. Whether it’s a furnace tune-up, furnace inspection, or heating repairs and installation, it’s good to know the local professionals that have all the knowledge and experience needed to keep your system running strong. However, it’s not just the cold we have to worry about; with plummeting temperatures comes skyrocketing energy bills as your furnace tries to keep up with the weather. Get your annual furnace inspection for a heating system that keeps your home toasty and your heating bills low!

  10 Things Checked by a Fairview Heights Furnace Tune-Up Tech

Vents, Registers & Ductwork

Your heating contractor should always check to ensure vents and registers aren’t impeded by any objects or furniture. Additionally, small leaks and holes in the ductwork can leak valuable hot air that robs your system of its efficiency.

The Heat Exchanger
furnace maintenance Fairview Heights Illinois

This is the part of your furnace that transfers heat to the air that gets blown throughout your home. Furthermore, this component of your system is prone to cracks, rusting and even becoming clogged with dust. All of these things put your system at risk of overheating, which can be dangerous.

The Blower

The blower distributes the warm air to the rooms of your home or business using the ductwork. Ensuring the proper fan speeds can help preserve this component of your system and maximize efficiency.

Electrical Connections

A smart contractor will be sure to check all electrical connections and outlets that are near your heating system. Faulty electrical connections hurt energy efficiency, as well as pose serious safety hazards around flammable equipment.

Thermostat Inspection

If you can’t trust your thermostat, how are you supposed to control your environment? Your heating system specialists should always check the thermostat to ensure the correct settings are applied and ensure the accuracy of your system. If your thermostat isn’t functioning properly, it’s difficult not to waste energy.

Cycling/System Function

Your furnace specialist should also check the function of the system by cycling the system and noting any abnormalities. If your furnace is cycling too much or is making strange noises during cycling, this could be a sign of bigger problems with your heating system.

Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter should regularly be changed to prevent clogging the system with dust and maximize energy efficiency throughout the year. While it’s only recommended to change filters every three months, a filter that dirties too frequently could be a sign of a more serious issue.

Thermocouple Exam
furnace filter Fairview Heights Illinois

The thermocouple is the component of your furnace that detects whether or not the pilot light is on. This part may be prone to malfunction or breakdown. That’s why any heating specialist should thoroughly inspect this part during any routine heating inspection.

Pilot Light/ Electrical Ignition

If your furnace runs on gas or oil, it will have a pilot light. Electric furnaces have an ignition function that starts the heating process. A faulty pilot light or electrical ignition will make heating your home impossible.

Fuel Lines

Finally, they should inspect all fuel lines to ensure no leakages occur. In fact, the gas emitted from these systems could be poisonous in large quantities or flammable depending on the fuel source used. Stay safe and get your furnace tune-up soon!

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