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Fairview Heights, IL DIY Furnace Repair

When is Fairview Furnace Repair a DIY Job?furnace fairview heights il

In Fairview Heights, IL winter’s can get frigid, which leaves you with nothing to do but huddle inside your home for warmth. However, if you’re having trouble with your furnace, it could mean that your home is just as cold as the air outside. Furthermore, extreme winter weather and slick roads could leave you waiting for a while before help can arrive to restore your system. Luckily, there are certain things you can inspect and repair yourself, even if you don’t have access to furnace repairs right away. If even you eventually need repairs, you should be able to restore some heating to your home before your local HVAC technician can arrive for repairs. Read on for details about furnace repairs that you can DIY!

Furnace Filters

This is the easiest repair/maintenance task you can perform to ensure the health and functionality of your system. The filter should be changed once every month to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency of your system. Old filters block their airflow in your system, which makes it work harder to heat the air. When it has to work hard to heat air, it’s easy for the system to break, making professional furnace repairs a necessity.

Pilot Light

If you’ve got a gas furnace, you know all about the pilot light. However, if you’re new to the gas furnace game, it can be frustrating when it goes out; causing your system to fail. However, relighting a pilot light is relatively easy and shouldn’t need to involve a professional. Follow this link for instructions on how to relight your pilot light.

Air Intakefurnace filters fairview heights il

The air intake is a pipe that’s located on the outside of your home. This pipe pulls in fresh air and sends it through your system and distributed through the ventilation system. When this pipe gets blocked, it can’t pull any more fresh air in. Locate and unblock (if blocked) for instant results and an easy DIY furnace repair.

Furnace Settings

New digital thermostats are made to fit a variety of systems. However, if put on the wrong settings, your system could act up. Be sure to check your thermostat settings to ensure they’re correct before freaking out about your broken system.

We urge extreme caution when it comes to doing your own furnace repairs. While it may seem like an easy job, remember – mistakes are expensive. If you’re not really sure what you’re doing, it could be a better idea to call a professional from Morrison for an expert diagnosis of your problems and fast repairs!

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