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Why is an air conditioning tune-up so important for my Belleville, IL home?

air conditioning tune-up belleville ilAs the calendar races to Spring, it’s important that you take the proper steps to de-winterize your air conditioner. In fact, it gets pretty hot during Belleville, IL summers; you won’t want to be left sweating it out in the heat because you skipped the all-important air conditioning tune-up. But what does an a/c tune-up actually do? Read on for details about this vital pre-season HVAC maintenance task and what your local HVAC specialist can do to help extend the life of you’re a/c unit!

Cleans all air conditioning components

When it comes to air conditioning units, they don’t perform nearly as well when they’re clogged with dust and debris. An a/c tune-up involves a thorough cleaning of all important components. This reduces the pressure put on parts such as the condenser, blower, etc.

Inspects for air conditioning problems

Another thing your air conditioning repair person will do is provide a thorough inspection to ensure all parts are working properly. This alerts them to any problems they must fix, which help save you money!

Helps improve HVAC energy efficiency

Peak season means you’ll be paying high costs to keep your home cool. Fortunately, your local HVAC professional can reduce energy wasters and help you optimize your system, so it works its best when it really counts.

Reduces dust & allergensac inspection belleville il

One additional benefit of a clean a/c unit is that less dust and allergens will be dispersed throughout your home – something we could all use in the springtime. Furthermore, stay on top of air filter changes during all seasons to minimize the effects of dust, allergens, dander, etc.

Prevents peak-season breakdowns

The most important thing about an a/c system tuned up is a lesser chance of peak-season breakdowns. A clean unit that’s well-maintained is always less prone to breakdowns than one that is ignored until it’s not working.

In Belleville, IL, people trust the friendly pros at Morrison for all their a/c needs – contact us today for an air conditioning tune-up and get your air conditioning system ready in time for summer!

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