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What Are the Most Common Drain Clogs in The Fairview Heights, IL Area?

Pipe blockages and drain clogs can be a severe problem throughout your Fairview Heights, IL home. A minor issue can become a frustrating, costly problem if you do not address drain clogs in a timely manner. Below are common reasons why drains in your home can become clogged and what you can do to help prevent clogs from forming.

Drain Clogs

Kitchen Clogs

The kitchen sink seems like a good place to dispose of cooking oils, food debris, fat, coffee grinds, and soap, among other things. However, many of these items cause clogged pipes. For instance, you may assume that soap would never cause a drain problem, but you would be wrong. Soap scum and detergent can accumulate in the pipes, causing eroded pipes.

Be very careful what you place down the kitchen drain. Run hot water down the drain for several minutes if you place food debris or liquids down the drain. You may also want to use a routine drain cleaner to keep clogs from forming. Our plumbing technicians can recommend products you may want to use.

You should also read the garbage disposal’s user manual for tips to prevent clogs and backups related to the disposal.

Bathroom Clogs

Soap is another problem in the bathroom too. Most soaps contain considerable amounts of lotions, fats, or grease. The soap scum clogging your bathroom drains can erode pipes just as it can in the kitchen. You also have hair and grease from body oils that can bind together to cause a clogged drain. Using drain covers can help prevent hair from going down the drain to form clogs. Also, you may want to use the same drain cleaner from the kitchen periodically in the bathroom too.

Another item in bathrooms that can cause a drain to backup is toilet paper. Too much toilet paper can clog drains and prevent toilets from flushing. A plunger can usually take care of the problem, but if the plunger does not work, the clog may be further down the line. A plumber may need to run a device into the line to clear the clog.

Laundry Room Clogs

Again, soap can be a culprit, but not as often in the laundry room. Most detergents do not have the same oils, grease, and lotions as other types of soap. However, you may use liquid fabric softeners that could bind with other items to cause clogs. In addition, dirt can also clog drains. To reduce the risk of a clogged drain, shake the excess dirt and mud from clothing before putting it into the washing machine.

Drain Clogs throughout the House

Other causes of clogged drains throughout your home include:

Mineral Buildup

The minerals dissolved in hard water can build up over time, causing clogs that block drains. Some homeowners install a water softener to help with the problem. However, if this is not an option, you can contact our Fairview Heights, IL plumbers to discuss drain cleaning. Because mineral buildup can be difficult to remove once it is established in your pipes, you may need a professional plumber to clean clogged drains and remove the mineral buildup.


Surprisingly, it is not just children who drop objects down drains. Small objects that find their way into your drains can cause huge problems in your plumbing system. An experienced plumber can locate and remove the item before making necessary repairs and performing drain cleaning.

Tree Roots

If your drains backup inside your home, the problem could be outside your house. Tree roots encroaching into a sewer line can cause the system to back up throughout the entire house. Sewer cleaning services from a Fairview Heights, IL plumbing company may correct the issue.

Call a Fairview Heights, IL Plumbing Company for Help

If you have problems with clogged drains, the plumbing professionals of Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help. Our plumbers perform all services related to drains, pipes, and sewers including, drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, clogged drains, sewer installation, and plumbing repairs.

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