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Fairview Heights, IL Plumbing: What’s okay to go down the drain?

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Your house has a lot of drains in it, and not every one of them is able to handle the kind of waste a typical Fairview Heights, IL, home will produce. Putting the wrong material down the wrong drain can cause unpleasant and expensive drain clogs, toilet clogs and — potentially — damaged sewer lines. Here’s a quick rundown on what can, and what cannot, go down the drain in your home.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are pretty robust pieces of equipment. If your has a disposal attached to it, there isn’t much you can’t put down there. Coffee, tea, and most small amounts of food waste are generally okay for a sink like this. As a rule, you should only pour grease into a container, since oils like that can easily form clogs in the pipes. Let the grease cool in the container, then scoop it out into the trash to avoid sink problems.

Showers and Bathtubs

Shower and bathtub drains vary by design and capacity, but as a rule you should have some kind of grill laid over them to catch most of the solids that would otherwise cause clogged drains. Vigilance is the key here, and it’s best to scoop out the hair after every shower, especially if you shave in the tub.

Avoid Toilet Clogs

At first glance, it seems like toilets should be the most robust drains in the house, but they can often be the most finicky. Apart from the normal waste they’re designed for, try to limit what goes down your toilet to nothing but bathroom tissue. The reason for this is that most toilet drains are designed with complicated twists and turns to contain sewer gas. Flushing random debris into that system can cause some seriously clogged plumbing. If you have a septic tank, or if your community has an unusual sewer system from the early 19th century, you may be best off avoiding even the tissue, and instead disposing of it in a sealed box container in your restroom.

If you have a drain clog, slow drain or complete blockage, and you live anywhere in the Fairview Heights, IL, area, you’re not on your own. Morrison Plumbing has the tools and the team to help unblock your clogged drains, and the expertise to help you avoid problems with drainage in the future. Call today for a quote or consultation with a local plumber.

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