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How does extreme heat affect the a/c unit at my Columbia, IL home?

a/c unit overheating columbia il

As the seasons change, residents of Columbia, IL must prepare for the possibility of extreme heat this summer. Excessively high temperatures can put your air conditioner under a lot of strain, so it is important to take action to protect it. Here are some of the effects of extreme heat on a home air conditioning system.

  1. Insufficient Cooling Capability

If temperatures in Columbia, IL become excessively high, some residents might find that their A/C unit is not able to sufficiently cool their homes. If your air conditioner is already running at maximum capacity, lowering the thermostat will not help. You need to take other steps to cool your home, such as lowering blinds or sunshades to block out the sun. If there are vulnerable members of your household, such as elderly or disabled people, young children, or pets, take them to a cooled location to protect them from heatstroke.

  1. extreme temperatures columbia il

    Reduced Energy Efficiency

As temperatures soar, so do home cooling bills. Turn the thermostat up when not at home to conserve energy. In the long term, you could consider adding insulation to your home to make it more energy efficient and therefore less expensive to cool.

  1. Increased Wear on A/C System

Extreme heat forces air conditioning systems to work at maximum capacity, which can lead to increased wear. Worn parts of your a/c unit could fail during a period of extreme heat. This leaves you without a working air conditioner to cool your home. Prevent this awful outcome by scheduling a tune-up at the start of summer. You can also help to combat the wear on your air conditioner by cleaning the filters regularly, as they quickly become clogged when the A/C unit is working at maximum capacity.

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