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How often should I have a sewer inspection in Swansea, IL?

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FAQ on Sewers & Sewer Inspections

The sewer system is a huge part of any structure. It allows for waste and wastewater to be carried away from the building, which ensures sanitation and cleanliness. However, while it’s a major component, it’s always one of the least understood systems in the home. With this in mind, we took the time to figure out what everyone wants to know about the sewer systems. Read below for some of the most frequently asked questions and don’t forget to call on us at Morrison for all your sewer inspection needs!

How often should I have my sewer inspected?

While having your sewer inspected is never a bad idea, it’s only really necessary when you notice a problem or about 1 time per year. If your system is older, it may be a good idea for a brief inspection every six months. If you notice something strange, you should call a trained sewer professional for an inspection.

What does an inspection cover?sewer service swansea il

In inspection will cover all parts and component of your system. From kitchen and bathroom drains to a video inspection of the main sewer line underneath your home, we’ll find out what’s under there. A complete inspection is the only way to know if you’ve found all of the clogs, leaks or breaks in the line.

What’re the weirdest things you’ve ever found?

It’s one of the questions that plumbing professionals get all of the time, “what are the weirdest things you’ve pulled out of a drain?” As plumbers, we pull so many things out of drains, that most nothing surprises us anymore. However, usually, problems are common things such as wads of hair, fat or grease.

How will I know if I have a problem?

This is another popular questions, and it’s important because many people don’t possess the skills needed to diagnose problems. Look for the following things before calling us:

  • Slow Drains
  • Clogged Drains
  • Water Leaks
  • Water Spots on Ceilings & Walls
  • Odors around Pipes, Drains & Faucets
  • Strange Sounds
  • Water Pressure Issues
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