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Tips for home heating this winter in Granite City, IL

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Follow these tips to help your home retain heat

People all over the Granite City, IL area are gearing up for winter. Whether they’re fortifying their winter wardrobe or making home repairs, there’s a lot to do to keep your home warm during the winter. Yes, it’s the job of the furnace to keep things warm, but your furnace can’t do everything on its own – there are things you need to do to ensure your furnace makes it throughout the winter. Read on for details about things that you could be doing to give your heating system a little help this winter season!

Seal Windows & Doors

It’s easy to let the heat out of your home during the winter by opening the door for too long. However, did you know that warm air could be leaking out all of the time? Holes and cracks in window sills and door frames are responsible for huge loses every year. They make it harder for your system to heat the home, creates uncomfortable drafty areas and even jacks up your energy bill. Use weatherstripping and epoxy to seal the areas that are most vulnerable.

winter heating tips granite city illinois
By sealing or replacing doors and windows, you’ll create a more air-tight home that keeps the warm air inside.

Open Curtains & Drapes

While it may be cold outside, you can still use the power of your sun to help heat the home. Opening drapes and curtains allow the sun to beam inside of your home, which helps create natural lighting, as well as provide some heating assistance. You can’t stay warm on the power of the sun alone, but it sure won’t make you any colder!

Set the Ceiling Fan

In the summer, your fan should spin forward, which forces the air in the room down on your and gives a cooling effect. In the winter, if you’re using your fan at all, it should run in low speed to draw the air up and force it down by the walls, which decrease the cooling effect that you feel. If it’s really cold, probably don’t use the fan at all.

Utilize the proper settings to increase efficiency, and keep your home a more comfortable place at all times of the day.

Program your Thermostat

It’s important to use the settings on your thermostat to your advantage during the winter months. Utilizing the ‘Auto’ setting will ensure your furnace isn’t running when it doesn’t need to be, which helps save money. Additionally, you can use the programming feature to have the furnace kick on when you need it most such as early mornings or late nights.

Get a Furnace Tune-Up

One of the best things you can do to help your furnace out is to schedule a yearly furnace tune-up to have your unit cleaned, inspected and repaired before peak season hits. This can help stave off those late-season breakdowns and help ensure that your unit is ready for the long haul!

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