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Belleville, Illinois: How to Know When Your Home Needs Repiping

Copper plumbing pipes in a residential home in Belleville, Illinois

Repiping your home is no small feat. Your plumbing system is scattered in all directions, generally hidden under the ground beneath your property. If an issue arises, it may be weeks or months before it becomes noticeable and can be even harder for a licensed plumber to detect. It is important to distinguish the seriousness of the issue to determine whether a small or large fix is necessary. Here are a few of the most common signs that your home may need repiping.

Excessive Leaking

You may have noticed over time that your pipes tend to leak with excessive use. If you have already patched up a few leaks or replaced smaller sections of pipe, it may be time for you to replace the entire system.

Patching up a leaking pipe is a temporary fix. While it may seem like it is doing the job over the span of a few months or even years, eventually those pipes will begin to leak again and by then, the issue may have continued to spread in other areas of your plumbing system.

Changes in Water Pressure

There’s nothing worse than low water pressure. If you have been noticing the pressure leaving from your shower or kitchen faucet, then this may be a sign that there is excessive buildup or corrosion to your pipes.

Water pressure is lowered when grime-filled pipes cannot produce the space needed to push large quantities of water through efficiently.

If this is the case, it is best to contact your local plumber to assess the damages to your pipes and most likely, replace the structure entirely.

Discoloration and Smell in Water

A bad taste, smell, or discoloration to your water is one of the easiest ways to identify an issue with your plumbing pipes. Your water may appear brown, red, or even yellow if your pipes contain any sediment buildup or rust that has been accumulating for years.

While pouring store bought chemicals down the drain might present a temporary fix, this will not get rid of the issue. It is important that you do not drink or cook with any water that seems contaminated, as the bacteria in the water can make you extremely sick. One of the only ways to rid your pipes of contaminated water is by replacing them completely through repiping.

Loud Noises or Thuds

While the occasion creaking of your pipes is normal, loud bangs or thuds may be a bad sign. Your plumbing pipes are not meant to make noise and may be a warning sign of a major leak. To avoid any water damage to your home, contact Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Air by calling (618) 408-1446 or contacting us through our website to inspect and replace your noisy pipes.

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