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How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

Garbage disposal requiring garbage disposal repair services from a plumber in Metro East, IL.

No one wants a smelly garbage disposal. To make sure your garbage disposal doesn’t start to smell, it is important to keep it clean. So how do we keep it clean? There are a few ways to physically clean your garbage disposal, as well as preventative measures you can take to keep bad odors from taking over your kitchen. At Morrison Plumbing, we have created a list of 4 ways you can keep your garbage disposal clean. If you come across any problems, our team can provide garbage disposal repair and replacement service.

Always Use Cold Water When Using the Garbage Disposal

If you didn’t know, running water can make all the difference with lingering odors. We recommend running cold water before you turn on the garbage disposal, while you are grinding food, and then after. When running water after you have used your disposal, try, and run the water for about 7 seconds or more. These stages of water flow allow the food to flow thoroughly through your pipes. If you do not run your water, you are allowing the food to linger in your disposal and pipes which can create an awful odor that you probably want to avoid.

Routinely Clean the Splash Guard

Your splash guard keeps the food you are grinding from splashing back up into your sink. If you are experiencing bad odors, there is a large possibility that it is leftover food on your splash guard. Since it prevents food from splashing up, it collects a lot of food that lingers behind. Our plumbers recommend cleaning your splash guard with warm water, baking soda, or you can remove the splash guard and toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Clean the Inside of Your Garbage Disposal

Although running water removes a majority of food grime, there can still be some that linger behind. Ice cubes along with baking soda, bleach, and lemon can deeply clean the inside of your garbage disposal. The ice helps break up food that may be stuck. The baking soda and bleach will kill any germs that have collected inside. Lastly, lemon provides a bit of freshness and can remove any bad odors that have started to take over the kitchen. You can contact us if you experience any issues.

Avoid Putting Certain Foods Down the Garbage Disposal

The best thing you can do is to avoid putting certain foods down into your garbage disposal. Foods like celery, egg whites, eggshells, potato peels, grease, coffee grounds, fruit pits, and pasta make your garbage disposal dirty and stinky, especially if they are not flushed down the drain fully. That is why our experts recommend not putting certain foods in your garbage disposal to prevent them from becoming dirty and stinky. If your disposal stops working after using it to grind food, call us at (618) 408-1446 a specialist will come out and provide the necessary services.

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