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Spring Cleaning: Keeping Your A/C Maintained All Spring

Two air conditioning units on a residential property in Glen Carbon, IL that require spring cleaning maintenance from professionals.

Spring is a season of transition, as we try to put the cold winter behind us and look forward to a warm and sunny summer. This transition often motivates us to do a little “spring cleaning” around the house and yard. This article serves as a reminder that your spring cleaning ritual should always include a quick cleaning of your air conditioning HVAC system.

In this article, we will describe some of the quick and easy things a homeowner can do to get their HVAC system ready for the summer work ahead. Folks in the Glen Carbon, IL area are also welcome to call the expert plumbers at Morrison Plumbing for all of their AC maintenance needs.

Clean Your Coil

You will want to take these steps when it is at least 60 degrees outside; otherwise, it will be difficult to prove your air conditioning is correctly blowing cool air. The first goal of spring-cleaning air-conditioning maintenance is to make sure your outside condenser is clear of dirt and debris. Turn the condenser’s power off. There is often a large on/off switch or fuse near the condenser.

If you can’t find a condenser switch, then turn off the power at your electric fuse box. From the outside of the condenser, vacuum away any dirt and debris that you see resting on your coil. Clear the leaves and weeds within a few feet of the unit. The last step is to hose off the coil with your garden hose. Spray the water into your coil in a back-and-forth motion using medium-high pressure. You can now turn the power back on to the unit.

Two HVAC repairmen in Glen Carbon, IL using a hose to clean the air conditioning unit’s evaporator coils that are covered in dirt and grime.

Turn on the System for a Test

Head inside to your thermostat, set it to cool, and lower the temperature setting to force the air conditioning to turn on. Let it run for 10 minutes.

Go back outside to the back of the condenser unit and find the copper tubes that come out of the unit and route them into your house. There will be one insulated and one uninsulated tube. Feel these tubes with your hands. The insulated tube should feel cold to the touch and the uninsulated tube should feel warm.

If your system does not seem to be producing cool air, then it is time to contact an expert for a professional AC repair, such as Morrison Plumbing in Glen Carbon, IL.

Replace the Indoor Filter

The last step in the spring cleaning regiment is to replace the filter inside your indoor air handler. Hopefully, you have been replacing this every few months so you know exactly how to do it already.

Do a visual check around the indoor air handler to look for any major damage or debris. Look at the evaporator pan sitting under the handler for any signs of water leaking. If you see anything concerning, call for an expert air conditioning repair.

A homeowner in Glen Carbon, IL replacing a dirty air filter in their home and replacing it for quality spring cleaning.

For a More Thorough Cleaning, Call a Pro

The above provides basic information on how a homeowner can do a quick DIY HVAC spring cleaning. However, there are some more cleaning steps that a trained professional can take such as cleaning the insides of the condenser and handler, cleaning the drain tubes, measuring the freon levels, and more.

For the last 30 years, Morrison Plumbing has been the number one option for plumbing, AC, and heating services in the Glen Carbon, IL area. Visit our website today for more information about our professional plumbing, heating, and air conditioning Rejuvenation Services, or give us a call today at 618-703-5700.

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