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Every Homeowner’s DIY Checklist for Furnace Maintenance

A young female homeowner sits on her couch with a blanket and warm beverage. She is warm this winter in Caseyville, IL, because she has a properly maintained furnace.

As a homeowner in Caseyville, IL, you should consider performing an annual furnace maintenance check to be like scheduling a doctor’s appointment for your system. These simple do-it-yourself steps can help ensure the quality of the health and performance of your system. You don’t have to be an HVAC technician to tune up your own system—in fact, Morrison Plumbing has made a checklist of maintenance items you can do yourself, and we’re here to walk you through the steps or offer professional service when needed. 

Test Your Thermostat

Winter is quickly approaching. As a homeowner, you know you depend on your furnace to keep you warm, but your thermostat is essentially the furnace’s “on” switch. Make sure it’s ready for the winter by completing the following steps:

  • Take off the face and clean the inside
  • Turn up the temperature to make sure the furnace turns on properly
  • Replace the batteries if necessary

A close up of a female homeowner’s hand adjusting her thermostat in her Caseyville, IL, home.

Clean Your Vents

Dirt and dust are contaminants that can settle and build up inside your air ducts and vents, which can block airflow. This puts more stress on your furnace to force air past these blockages. Instead of risking a system breakdown, you should use your vacuum cleaner’s hose to clean your vents and rid them of those pesky contaminants sitting inside. This easy step will greatly improve your indoor air quality as well as the overall function of your heating system.

Replace Your Filter

Your filter’s job is to trap contaminants in the home, like dust, dirt, and other allergens, before you breathe them. However, over time, this process will result in dirty filters. If they aren’t changed regularly (once every three months is recommended for standard filters), they can block airflow and cause problems for the quality of your home’s furnace. Clean filters ensure good air quality and a properly working heating unit.

A close up of a homeowner’s hand replacing the furnace filter in his Caseyville, IL, home.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

It is always highly recommended that homeowners schedule routine furnace maintenance with their local professionals to ensure the continued function of their home’s essential systems. A thorough cleaning and tune-up from the experts at Morrison Plumbing will guarantee the health and performance of your furnace. Using our tools and experience, we will make sure every part is in good working order to optimize the system’s energy efficiency and reduce the likelihood of future problems or repairs.


When you need professional service for your home’s furnace, contact our experts at Morrison Plumbing today! We’ll quickly restore the comfort of your home.

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