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Why You Need Yearly Drain Cleaning Services

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Even though you probably don’t give it much thought, your home’s plumbing system is essential to your daily life. Unless it stops working, that is. When functioning properly, it provides clean water and removes wastewater. However, like many home systems, it requires routine maintenance to function properly and efficiently. An annual drain cleaning with our experts at Morrison Plumbing is the most effective way to avoid plumbing problems. If you are unsure as to whether having your drains cleaned annually is worth the time and money, consider the following advantages for your home in Highland, IL.

No Slow or Clogged Drains

No matter how careful you are, soap scum, grime, toothpaste, hair, oils, fats, and food items will build up over time in your drains and either cause your drains to move more slowly or clog them entirely. Fortunately, our team of technicians have professional tools to provide a thorough drain cleaning service. The debris will be removed during the annual cleaning, which will keep the water moving freely down the drain and protect you from having to deal with slow or clogged drains in the future.

Prevent Water Back Up

Significant clogs can result in a wide variety of complications, including the flow of water being reversed into a sink, washing machine, or toilet. A backup could result in flooding inside the house, which would then create the ideal conditions for the growth of mold, which is an even more significant and costly issue. If you have your drains cleaned once a year, you will have less reason to worry about large clogs from water backing up in your system. This is because anything that has built up in the pipes will be removed before it can form into a large clog. If you have your drains cleaned less frequently, you will have more reason to worry about water backup.


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Quiet Noisy Drains

Not only is the noise from gurgling drains an annoyance, but it also indicates a more serious issue with the plumbing in your home. When there is a significant obstruction in the pipe, the water will have to flow in a different direction in order to get around it and through the pipe. This is most likely causing the gurgling sound you are hearing. The grease, soap scum, and other debris that could be causing the clog can be removed by a professional along with any other debris during an annual drain cleaning with the proper tools. This will keep your drains quiet and operating smoothly.

Make Your Home Smell Fresher

Clogged drains stink. Whether they are full of stale water or rotting food, they have the potential to make the odor in your home unpleasant. There are cleaning agents and products available that you can try to freshen up a stinky drain, but these solutions are only going to be a temporary fix. The best way to ensure that your drains continue to function properly and have a pleasant smell is to schedule annual drain cleaning. This will remove any particles, grease, and grime that have become stuck in your drains, eliminating the source of the odor and making your home smell fresher.


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Locate an Undetected Leak & Decrease Water Bill

There is a possibility that a leak in your water supply is the cause of the gradual increase in your monthly water bills that you have been experiencing. You could be squandering water without even noticing it. If there is a leak in your plumbing system, the best way to find it is by having a plumber perform an annual cleaning and inspection. The technician can send a camera down the drain to get a comprehensive view of the inside of the pipes, allowing them to clearly see any potential problems. If a leak is detected, it can be pinpointed and repaired, which will reduce the amount of water that is being used inefficiently, thereby decreasing your water bill. Since leaks can be very difficult to diagnose, put your trust in our professionals and contact Morrison Plumbing for a thorough inspection today.

Save Money on Costly Repairs

When compared to the expense of repairing major plumbing problems or responding to plumbing emergencies, the cost of having a preventative drain cleaning service performed is much more affordable. It is important to have your drains cleaned on a regular basis in order to reduce the risk of major clogs developing. Significant clogs can lead to a drainage system that corrodes, water that is contaminated, water that backs up, or a pipe that could burst. When you consider what an annual drain cleaning can do and the problems it can help you avoid, you’ll see the expense is more than justified for the peace of mind it grants you and the stress it prevents.


It is important to have your drains cleaned by a professional at least once per year, even if you do not have any issues with clogged drains. By taking these preventative measures, you can lessen the likelihood of incurring costly repairs or replacements due to neglected pipes. With a drain cleaning service from Morrison Plumbing, you can protect your home in Highland, IL, from developing additional plumbing problems in the future. Not only will our professional drain cleaning services unclog your pipes, but we will also clean them thoroughly while maintaining our speed, efficiency, and competitive pricing. You can schedule an appointment by calling (618) 408-1597 or filling out a form online.

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